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Our Manifesto

We believe that music discovery is not meant for algorithms or bots.

We believe that music builds empathy and meaningful connections and is inherently social. Since the dawn of history, like sharing food around a fire, music has connected us with both friends and strangers of different backgrounds and ideologies; music is inherently social—most-often best enjoyed communally rather than in isolation.

Art. Humanity. Empathy. Community. At our core, this is what Turntable stands for.

Human intelligence, not artificial intelligence.
Empathy, not isolation.
Community, not fragmentation.

There is now—and always has been—a distinct absence of widely-known opportunities to have a truly social music experience online

We believe that the fans of Turntable, in 2011, created one of the most important and effective tools for delivering on the promise of the above opportunities. TT’s rapid adoption by millions of users in an extraordinarily organic viral method over the course of just 3 months demonstrated the demand for this type of shared, interactive music discovery experience.

In the ensuing decade since Turntable shut down, the challenges of song discovery, musical isolation, and, of course, a deeply fragmented and empathy-lacking culture have only compounded.

To address this, the all-new Turntable will go live later this year in a manner that is positive sum in order to work with all in the music industry —independents and incumbents — to ensure everyone is compensated and participating together in the future of music.

We pledge our commitment to helping promote human-powered music discovery, empathy through music, and the growth of the community around music.

We pledge to support and bring exposure to products or services that align with these values. We believe in the legacy and abilities of the team creating the all-new Turntable, as well as everyone who works with them: from labels to DSPs to fans. Because music is better together.