Turntable LIVE: Your Dream Virtual Venue

Is your Discord community wanting to listen to music together but having issues with bots and streaming services?

Listening and dancing to music is one of the greatest pleasures in life. No matter where you live in the world, there's at least one venue dedicated to playing music. Whether its a honky tonk bar or a goth night club, music venues provide a space where you can feel at home and meet like minded music heads.

Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the landscape of music venues has changed significantly. Many mom and pop shops (arguably the greatest types of music venues) had no choice but to shut down after months of not being able to open their doors. The venues that prevailed are mostly owned by live event conglomerates, like LIVE NATION and AXS. These giant companies have only one goal, make more money. Many music loving individuals are not well served by the companies that have a tight grip on the live music industry. Turntablelive.com has solutions for those of you that are looking for alternative ways to participate in music culture and experience live music in a post pandemic world.

On turntablelive.com, you can create your own genre, scene, or vibe specific hangout where you can DJ music 24/7. Your hangout is totally customizable; you can choose the name, url, type of stage, and number of DJs. Hangouts can be public so that you can meet new people with similar interests, or you can password protect your room so only friends or people with the password can join.

The beauty of your custom turntablelive.com venue is that it never closes. You can stream music non-stop, and while doing so rack up plays for your favorite artists on Spotify and Apple Muisc. If you don't use a subscription DSP you can sign in with Soundcloud or Youtube Music.

Creating and promoting your own hangout on your other social media platforms is an amazing way to build and grow your music community. If you're an artist, your fans will love the opportunity to chat and listen to you DJ in addition to being able to DJ with you! If you promote your room enough on Twitter and Instagram, you could get hundreds of hardcore fans in the same room!

Music venues can create their own ticketed turntablelive.com danceflloors so that people from out of town can attend their shows even if they're not physically present. You no longer have to wait for your next trip to visit your favorite venue. What if you could hang out there all day/night from the privacy of your own home?

Taking this idea one step further, venues can project their custom Turntable LIVE hangout on the IRL stage before the show starts when the house is playing music. People at the venue or at home can hop into the hangout to chat and DJ before the show starts. Gone are the days of missing shows because you live too far away or have a scheduling conflict. Through turntablelive.com you can DJ and listen from anywhere and still be apart of the live music experience.

Ready to create your own custom virtual hangout?! Here's how:

  • Go to tt.live

  • In the toolbar at the top of the screen click Create a Hangout on the right

  • Choose what you want your hangout to be called.

    The name of the room will also be the URL. For example tt.live/da/discodivebar

  • Write a description of your dacefloor.

    You can include community rules and guidelines.

  • Choose whether you want your room to be public, private, or password proteceted.

    Discoverable is great if you want to connect with new people on Turntable LIVE.

    If you're using your hangout for work or private events, choose the private or password protected options.

  • You're ready to start DJing!

See you on the dacefloor!