Turntable is an all-new social music service dedicated to providing opportunities for DJs and artists.

Joseph Perla co-founded the viral music startup Turntable in 2011. This quickly grew to millions of users in a matter of months. As sometimes happens in startups, unfortunately, there were some disagreements among co-founders. Eventually, the startup shutdown completely in 2014.

Joseph Perla created the all-new Turntable in 2020, at TurntableLIVE.com, with top team members and fans of the old Turntable. Turntable LIVE was built mobile first with desktop too. Everything was built new and from scratch, with the original avatars acquired, and the music industry was engaged from the very beginning to focus on licensed, legal music. Turntable LIVE is in beta and will be ready to premiere with top musicians in 2023.