Top EDM Songs of 2021

What Are Some Good EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Tracks?

2021 was another fantastic year for Electronic Dance Music (EDM) as the genre continues to provide some of the most memorable songs in all of music from some of the most recognizable artists on the planet. The genre continues to go from strength to strength and frequently has an anthem at the top of the international charts. Here, we select some of the top EDM songs of 2021 and look at just what makes these anthems so unforgettable.

Farruko – Pepas

This is one for the festival-goers and lit up what was.a pretty dismal few years for festival-goers all over the world due to Covid-19. Farruko really did nail the beat in this offering which makes listeners dance until their feet can't take them anymore.

Acraze ft. Cherish – Do It To It

This one just had to make our list of the best EDM songs of 2021 like it has done with many others. This song was seemingly in the charts forever and still finds its way onto some charts in certain countries even over a year after its release, such is its popularity. This classic by Acraze ft. Cherish lyrics are not going anywhere soon.

Kygo ft. Zoe Wees – Love Me Now

Kygo has been a prolific artist for what seems like years and years now and showed no signs of letting up in 2021 with the powerful "Love Me Now" in collaboration with Zoe Wees. A smash hit as soon as it was released, this one really took off to give Kygo another hit.

J. Balvin & Skrillex – In Da Getto

This was a real viral hit and in with a shout as one of the top EDM songs of 2021 without question. The melodic "In Da Getto" has proved to be a real international hit and has touched all corners of the globe with its thought-provoking melodies. Yet another hit for the seemingly unstoppable Skrillex this time in collaboration with the up-and-coming J. Balvin.

Swedish House Mafia & The Weeknd – Moth To A Flame

Swedish House Mafia are Electronic Dance Music royalty and they really announced their comeback with this absolute anthem that ensured 2021 was a. year to remember for all true EDM fans. Moth to a Flame is more than just a track and this link-up with The Weeknd announced Swedish House Mafia were truly back with another banger to add to what seems like an endless list.

Tesher & Jason Derulo – Jalebi Baby

When it comes to the top EDM songs of 2021, the list simply wouldn't be complete without this absolute anthem. Aided in no small part by its social media popularity (looking at you, TikTokers), Tesher proved an international sensation in a genre that seemingly exists without borders. The inclusion of the well-known and ever popular Jason Derulo catapulted this one to mega-fame.

Galantis, David Guetta & Little Mix – Heartbreak Anthem

There is a regal feel to this anthem which focuses on the emotions of love and loss and gives yet another for the unstoppable legend that is David Guetta. Another corker to add to the pile during 2021 which made it a great year for EDM.

Martin Garrix, Matisse, Sadko & John Martin – Won’t Let You Go

A real collaborative effort here that has been long in the making between Martin Garrix, Matisse, Sadko & John Martin. It proved well worth the wait as this song is often voted one of the best of 2021. The emotional hit was created to perfection by Garrix and co.

Meduza ft. Dermot Kennedy – Paradise

What a magnificent trio of EDM artists who treat us to a phenomenal arrangement here with "Paradise" which transports you to a party wherever you are. This feel-good anthem truly has a shout as one of the best EDM songs of 2021.

Skrillex, Noisia, Josh Pan & Dylan Brady – Supersonic (My Existence)

One of the most unique sounds to come out of 2021 came courtesy of this link up between Skrillex, Noisia, Josh Pan & Dylan Brady. These are some of the most iconic artists of all time to come out of the EDM genre and they proved it once again with this hit.

Marshmello & Jonas Brothers – Leave Before You Love Me

We're treated to the perfect blend of old and new here in "Leave Before You Love Me". This song invokes a range of emotions and will probably have you fawning after your ex-lover but remains a much-loved hit regardless.

David Guetta, Morten, Roland Clark – Alive Again

The rave is always on wherever iconic artist David Guetta is involved and this hit proves no exception as 2021 was treated to yet another dance floor filler here, featuring Morten, Roland Clark, it had all the hallmarks of a classic that will keep on being played.

Alan Walker & Imanbek – Sweet Dreams

Alan Walker & Imanbek were never artists that played by the rules, so when they came together we just knew there would be fireworks. They both brought their own unique styles to this cult classic that is sure to live on way beyond the 2021 charts.

Illenium & Iann Dior - First Time

Illenium is a true exception to the rule when it comes to EDM and the music industry more generally. On his music video debut, he smashed the charts with this absolute anthem with the help of the more experienced Iann Dior. "First Time" for Illenium - but certainly not the last we will see of this great artist.

Joel Corry & Jax Jones (feat. Charli XCX & Saweetie) – Out Out

This track is a real triumph for EDM link-ups and features four rising stars of the scene in Joel Corry & Jax Jones and Charli XCX & Saweetie (lyrics). This track took on a popularity all of its own and was a real favorite of the nightclub scene all over the world.

Which EDM Songs Are Best to Listen to On Full Bass?

Some songs are just so much better when listened to on full bass and this is never truer than when referring to EDM classics. Listening to a song on full bass can really add to the rollercoaster of emotions felt and leave a song lasting long in the memory. We’ve picked some of the best EDM songs that are best to listen to on full bass below.

“You & Me” - Disclosure (Flume Remix) (2013)

Flume is an icon of bass music within EDM and this link-up with Disclosure does not disappoint. “You & Me” catapulted this truly unique genre into the mainstream as the mix of high bass and EDM joins beautifully to create this classic which has graced many dance floors and festivals all across the world.

Say My Name - Odesza (2014)

Since they started out, DJ superstar duo Odesza (real names Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight) have championed a style of music that we haven;'t seen before in electronic music. The song “Say My Name” is no different and it’s one of the main songs that turned Odesza into superstars.

Innerbloom - Rufus Du Sol (2016)

This iconic track also features producers Flume and Emoh Instead (real name Christopher Emerson) and is a real mixture of ups and downs in a topsy-survey tune. This house single "Innerbloom," gives a glimpse of an exotic future bass remix full of emotion and color and is a real throwback to a bygone era.

Roses - The Chainsmokers (2015)

The Chainsmokers are so versatile it does them no justice to place their songs under any one genre, but this is a true EDM anthem that needs to be bellowed out with the volume at full max to be fully enjoyed.

Last To Leave - Louis The Child (2017)

Another classic from this duo Louis The Child (real names Robert Hauldren and Frederic Kennett). “Last to Leave” features high emotions and real thought-provoking lyrics in this fuse of beats that is best played at full bass.

Alone - Marshmello (2016)

Marshmallow is an artist that has always done things his own way and this anthem proves that once more. The track built on the popularity of his first single, “Keep It Mello,” and has garnered 1.5 billion plays on YouTube as his reputation has grown and grown.

Feel Good - Illenium (2017)

In 2017, Illenium (real name Nick Miller) released “Feel Good” in collaboration with Gryffin and Daya (the vocalist of The Chainsmokers’ “Don’t Let Me Down”), and this track really gives you an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Which Are The Best EDM Songs With Lyrics?

EDM songs are truly unique in that the genre has proven to be hugely successful with anthems that both include lyrics and do not include lyrics. The inclusion of lyrics within any song is of course a very deliberate decision and the impact lyrics can have upon the listener. For some EDM songs, the beats and sounds of the music itself would not benefit from lyrical intervention and they are powerful enough without lyrics to invoke such emotion and feeling in the listener that they do not need lyrics to be hugely popular and successful.

EDM songs with lyrics, however, can often propel the song to another level and have the capacity to make the listener really empathize with the track and relate it to a certain point or part of their own lives which makes them come back for more. Some of the best-known EDM songs have included lyrics and equally some of them have not.

More and more EDM artists are including lyrics within their songs and often utilize some of the most popular lyrical artists within their tracks as they are usually DJs who take care of song production and the beat itself. The list of the best EDM songs with lyrics is endless but we’ve chosen five of the most important in terms of impact below;

Human Resource – Dominator (1991) Delerium – Silence (ft. Sarah McLachlan) (Airscape Remix) (2000) Eric Prydz – Call on Me (2004) Bassnectar – Butterfly (ft. Mimi Page) (2012) Adam Beyer, Layton Giordani & Green Velvet – Space Date (Pleasurekraft Remix) (2019)

What is the Best Electronic Dance Music Playlist on Spotify?

Spotify has really taken on a life of its own since its release in 2006. Back then, it was a small music-sharing platform founded by Swedish entrepreneur Martin Elk (a self-confessed fan of Electronic Dance Music). Now it has hundreds of millions of users and features most of the top artists on the planet, so it is definitely a pretty good place to find the best EDM playlists!

The playlists also include the name and Spotify link so that you can easily find and enjoy them at your convenience. Make sure to check out these awesome playlists for your EDM fix.

Women of Electronic

[Spotify link -]

This is a playlist which features some of the most iconic EDM women artists and songs there are. Spotify has compiled this excellent playlist of electronic music’s top women artists here and it truly is a celebration of their contribution to EDM over the decades. This playlist acts as a kind of homage to the most recognizable names within the genre when it comes to females and includes all the usual faces such as Honey Dijon and Robyn and many more so sit back and enjoy this festival of women's EDM anthems!

Deep & Dark Tech House

[Spotify link -

Tech house is a sub-genre of EDM that has remained extremely popular with fans over the years. In this playlist, you get the best of both worlds from techno and house with some truly unique sounds. This is a playlist that is updated with some regularity but it should be noted that this isn't a latest hits playlist, it is more about feeling and relatability and can really capture the mood of the listener which makes this a playlist that is not to be missed for tech house fans all over the world.

Anjunadeep Recommends

[Spotify link -]

Here we have the London-based label Anjunadeep which stands on its own and often champions unique artists such as Dusky, Kahwe and Odesza and they have produced their share of EDM anthems over the years. This playlist features many recommendations from approved artists like DJ Koze, Leon Vynehall, Jon Hopkins and the ever-popular Peggy Gou. The versatility of this playlist is what really sets it apart and gives you some truly unique EDM vibes that are not to be missed out on.

Diggin In The Archives

[Spotify link -]

The "Diggin In The Archives" playlist celebrates all things EDM when it comes to R&S Records, who boast some absolute classic EDM anthems since their establishment way back in 1983. This playlist acknowledges all the sensational offerings by this Belgian label established by Renaat Vandepapeliere and Sabine Maes (hence the R&S name) and provides hours of unique EDM listening.

Synthwave From Space

[Spotify link -]

“Synthwave From Space” playlist lives up to its iconic name and gives us some fascinating ED, tunes that you may not have heard before, making it a truly worthwhile listen. This is a truly timeless mix that is often updated and provides synth waves from the likes of Gesaffelstein and Survive against the empowering anthems of Vangelis and Tangerine Dream and many more along the way.

Acid Techno

[Spotify link -]

Acid techno is often an acquired taste, even amongst the most ardent of EDM fans, but if that kind of music is for you then you certainly cannot go wrong with this truly fabulous playlist offering. This is a playlist that is so versatile that it is pretty great for when you’re driving at night on the freeway or whether you're trying to take the party to the next level, or simply in need of a bump that matches your restless energy when you're trying to work to a certain level at your desk or at home. Give this playlist a try; it's certainly not for everyone but it's a hidden gem if these kinds of tracks are your go-to anthems within EDM.

Disco’s 80s Mutations

[Spotify link -]

Many a playlist has come from The Dowsers in recent years - a set of music fans who specialize in creating certain playlists for a certain genre. They certainly keep up the high standard of playlists that they've produced over the years with Disco’s 80s Mutations which is a kind of throwback to a different EDM era and will definitely appeal to many listeners of the slightly older variety or who are just into electronic classics that aren't as prevalent these days. The disco days have not died just yet and this playlist is a real throwback which infuses EDM variations from yesteryear.

Overlooked Classics

[Spotify link -]

The clue is really in the title here with these overlooked classics by Electronic outlet Mixmag. They have been keeping the playlist up to date since around 2018 and adding to it with a fair degree of frequency that means it now has some real variety for fans of all ages and tastes. Some of the lesser-known classics and perhaps under-appreciated songs of the golden EDM era find their way onto this playlist and it's a real treat that will constantly make you think "oh yeah, I remember this one!"

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