The Top EDM Songs of 2020

What are the top EDM songs of 2020? With all the great techno offerings of 2020, picking the best dance or trance record is a daunting task. Luckily, we’ve taken that on for you. But selecting the best? Not easy; especially with such a stellar year of sizzling new compositions and spectacular comebacks. Yet with every form of entertainment there must be a best. So, let’s get into it – but first: some 411 on the various styles of techno that always make the cut.

What is an Upbeat, Energetic Genre of EDM?

Upbeat and energetic grooves always represent the soulful foundation of synth-pop. The Top EDM songs of 2020 are chock-full of scintillating up-tempo fare such as House, Electro House, Progressive House, Bass House, and DubStep (see artists Skrillex and Nero) -- soundtracks to all sweat-soaked, late-night dance floors.

The upbeat genre covers an enormous array of sounds, all, in their own way, unique, fast, and invigorating. Here, then -- with a bit of wiggle room for human error – are our picks for the top EDM songs of 2020.

  1. Both of Us – Jayda G

Make no mistake. This is a tense dance song with lyrics that can’t shy away from romance on the rocks. The singer offers glimpses that she is in control – but in reality – is suspect to falling into the abyss of loneliness. She cries, “I can love enough for the both of us” over and over – as a powerful frenzy breaks our hearts.

There are plenty of glimpses into her talent as a classic pianist along with her nicely trained jazz pipes. With an emotional conclusion full of mystery and heartfelt wisdom, it’s so very easy to see why this Canadian artist was nominated for a Grammy.

  1. Drown – Martin Garrix ft Clinton Kane

With infectiously inviting strong images and vocal prowess, Dutch DJ and producer Martin Garrix, featuring Filipino-Norwegian-Australian singer and songwriter Clinton Kane, offer up a track loaded with sensational optimism.

Garrix is no stranger to enticing listeners, and this song is a prime example why. Toe tapping arrangements and soul-touching lyrics are essential to the song’s success. According to the song’s Wikipedia page, “… The song plays to the feeling of taking the good and bad in a relationship, knowing that as long as you're with them, you'll be happy.”

  1. Ok Not To Be Ok – Marshmello & Demi Lovato

“Ok Not To Be Ok,” the first crossover track between producer Marshmello and pop queen Demi Lovato, is a no-brainer-lock as one of the top EDM songs of 2020. This devastatingly important song/message aims to raise awareness about suicide prevention, released in September, National Suicide Prevention Month. inform us, “… The song sings of how one feels when discouraged and desperate and the preconception it received with our internal experience.” The gravity of this tune and its message cannot be understated. Taking on the dire subject of mental health and putting it to great music is worthy of many accolades, not the least of which is landing on this list.

  1. Lay Your Head On Me – Major Lazer ft Marcus Mumford

It's not surprising to see Marcus Mumford wrap his brain and vocals around this track. Afterall, we’re talking about the talented, sensitive front man of Mumford & Sons. “Lay Your Head On Me” became Major Lazer’s third number one, as well as Mumford’s first to reach Billboard’s Dance/Mix Show Airplay Chart.

With these lyrics, we realize why it was such a lovely hit: “… And every single choice that you made / Was a stone in the path to this place / And every single cut that you claim / Has led you this way, lay your head on me…”

Mumford, the voice behind the life-affirming “The Cave” and “I Will Wait” adds his vocal prowess to push Major Lazer’s tune in a most wonderful direction. The video was an amazing achievement in its own right corralling over 200 artists from around the world to create a dynamic visual reality.

  1. Lasting Lover – Sigala & James Arthur

James Arthur gets knee-deep in a tropical paradise along with DJ Sigala, who, back in the day, made his musical mark with “Easy Love,” a breakthrough hit sampled from the Jackson 5’s “ABC.”

About the hot track, Sigala said when he added the sample to “Lasting Lover,” he admitted he wasn’t quite sure that the sound was originally conceived by MGMT. He threw it down on a keyboard, phoned a friend and played it for him – only to have the friend laugh, telling him where the riff actually came from. Sigala and James Arthur worked on the song over Zoom in the deepest days of Covid’s lockdown, then (finally) met in person on the day they shot the video. According to, “… The song is about bringing back a past loved one into your life and realizing that the relationship was meant to be.”

  1. Forever Yours – Avicii & Kygo ft Sandro Cavazza

“Forever Yours” is thick with tragedy. It was originally produced by Avicii then re-cut by Kygoand after the Swedish DJ’s tragic death in April of 2018. With strong vocals provided by Sandro Cavazza, a mainstay in Avicii’s stable of crooners, the song received its original production in 2016 when Avicii and Cavazza traveled through America. It was later released in 2020. Avicii and Cavazza performed various tracks at the 2016 Ultra Music Festival where they, for the first time in public, introduced songs such as “Forever Yours” -- written during a friendly road trip. Other collaborations between them included “We Burn” and “The Lord.” After Avicii’s death, Cavazza sent the song over to Norwegian DJ Kygo, then after getting consent from Avicii’s family, Kygo finished the track with his own inimitable, signature style.

  1. Nightlight – Illenium

“Nightlight” is a mesmerizing, thought-provoking single co-created by American DJ and music producer, Nicholas D. Miller aka Illenium. Annika Wells not only co-wrote the song but laid down a track with her distinctive, hauntingly cool voice.

Illenium tells us that “Nightlight” is “…a love song, and it’s a peaceful love song, where you’re in the dark going through shit, and you have someone that’s your light at the end of the tunnel, a way out.” The bottom line is; it’s a song about hope, thinking positive, and hanging in there during those dark times where life is hellbent on making you struggle.

  1. On My Mind – Diplo & SIDEPIECE

Born Thomas Wesley Pentz, LA-based Diplo is used to finding his name on lists like these. “On My Mind” is a dance floor gem which, like many of his best tracks, caught the attention of the Grammys.

The repetition of these lyrics (over and over) – “Think about you all the time / If you kiss then I won't tell / Think about you all the time / If you kiss then I won't tell” -- puts the dancing fans in a furious, funky haze. The video is also a major-league, psychedelic trip. All in all, the top EDM songs of 2020 wouldn’t be complete without this slick track featuring the talents of established House act, SIDEPIECE.

  1. Post Malone – Sam Feldt ft RANI

The song, obviously an ode to American pop musician Post Malone, features the whimsical lyrics, “Tonight, we go all night long / We party like Post Malone!” Just like many of Post Malone’s bouncy, radio-ready, original compositions, this fun light fare -- in the skilled hands of Sam Feldt -- are perfect for a night of chummy clubbing.

Feldt, a self-described “uplifting” Dutch DJ, is all about showing us a good time. Along with the sensational voice of RANI, “Post Malone” became a dancehall favorite. It was downloaded thousands of times around the world including, we can only assume, by Post Malone.

  1. Alone Pt.II – Alan Walker &. Ava Max

“Alone, Pt. II,” a track by Norwegian producer Alan Walker and pop sensation Ava Max, is a sequel to Walker’s “Alone,” which dropped in 2016. Walker, no stranger to the publicity arena, created a clever, digital “escape room” game where players play the characters in his “World of Walker” songs.

Musically speaking, Walker does not skimp on the arrangement, rich with orchestral grace. Billboard had this to say about Walker’s track: “… He’s become a surefire crowd-pleaser, and with a little luck, this track could cross over during the doldrums of winter.”

  1. Trust No Body – Dj Snake

This mega-dark track features angry lyrics shouted multiple times throughout the song: “… Out here, out here making money / I can't trust nobody.” Here, hardcore rhythms of music meet the tangible frustration of the woke American youth.

You could imagine the ferocity of energy when DJ Snake busts this song out live. Part message, all rebellion, the tune screams out a timely wake-up call. It’s not only smart advice to look out for your own safety and sanity; it’s also a cold-blooded way of life.

Getting the Most of Your Listening Experience

For millions, playing, collecting, and listening to EDM goes hand in hand with Spotify, the eternal home of the world’s best techno. The question on so many minds is, where can I improve Spotify plays? The answer might be easier than you think – along with some other important go-to ground rules of the genre.

Where Can I Improve Spotify Plays

Here are some key industry tips for helping you along with all things Spotify, everyone’s favorite web player ideal for jamming out to techno.

  1. Open Your Spotify Account

Yes, it sounds obvious – but you can’t begin until you begin. Set it up so you’ll have access to all the best features like data analysis and notifications when your music is added to playlists.

  1. Create Your Playlists to Promote Your Music

Creating your own playlists on Spotify is not only fun, it enables you to form a “homebase” for your songs. You can also tag it to your homepage for quicker and more convenient access, involving the music community of your choice.

  1. Be Active on Social Media

You can’t be heard if you’re not seen – or something like that. Keep up connections with fans and soon-to-be friends regarding your current and fave music choices. Promoting your lists on your social sites will get the word out of your songs and personality – more importantly, it will boost traffic (and numbers) to your Spotify profile.

  1. Take Advantage of Spotify Ads

Spotify Ad Studio is a shrewd ad function that allows fans to create and manage any number of advertising campaigns with regards to your account. With this platform, you can create 30 second ads so Spotify users can hear them during commercial breaks. Each ad has a convenient clickable “image link” leading to any URL of your choice.

  1. Use a Spotify Code

This is more or less a QR code that you can add to any of your personal media outlets. What’s great about them is you can literally share them anywhere; i.e., social media, on your websites, etc. All fans need to do is scan the code using the Spotify app’s “built-in scanner,” and voila! – your playlist is now at their fingertips.

  1. Integrate Spotify Plug-ins with Your Communications

Adding a “subscribe” button to your Spotify player will grant your fans easy access to your playlist. Anytime a user clicks the subscribe button on your account they will automatically become your fan. Spotify will even contact those new subscribers whenever you post new track to your account.

  1. Contact Playlisters to Gain Streams

First and foremost, you need to access what music you’re putting out there and what kind of audience you’re attracting. In other words, what are their tastes?

Bottom line; for any up-and-coming artist, the best way to increase your volume of streams is to get on as many playlists as possible owned and managed by musical influencers.

Can Spotify List the Genres You Listen to the Most

Short answer, yes! Consider these common FAQs with regards to how to improve the UX of your personal Spotify account.

For starters, how many genres can you have on Spotify?

Spotify currently holds well over five thousand different genres. This has made the Spotify library quite a popular hangout for its users.

How do you find the genre of a song on Spotify?

All playlists are directly searchable on Spotify. For example, if you search: “The sound of ambient” – you can receive a several hour sampler or “Intro to Ambient.” Obviously, this method works for every genre under the sun.

Where do I find my Spotify stats?

Up-to-date Spotify stats are available on the mobile app. The one thing to keep in mind, however, is that the data is pretty much limited to your frequently played artists and playlists. From the “settings” button, you can browse your recently played artists and playlists. The key is to keep it current.

How often do Spotify top genres update?

Spotify stats are updated each and every day. The platform allows you to save your top tracks and musical recommendations right there in your account.

Can you organize Spotify by genre?

Spotify has a brand-spanking new way for fans to easily sort their most “Liked Songs” via what’s called genre filters. It’s as simple as tapping one of the filters at the top of the playlist to display all the tracks that fall under that genre. Then, it’s as easy as selecting your choices.

How can you tell what genre a song is?

All genres are based on unique patterns governed by rhythm, progression, vocals, you name it. By knowing the “pattern,” the genre of a song should be easy to determine. For example, if you select “chill music,” you’re bound to see a wealth of genre-specific info. The range will be huge.

What are Some Really Creative Playlist Names You’ve Used

With over 182 million subscribers worldwide, as you can imagine, the options are endless. There’s probably someone right now in the hills of Norway with a sick handle – or a jazz junkie in Philly who’s posted the coolest list-name around. Now, check out some popular playlist titles from some common Spotify users:

  • Life Lights.
  • Heart Waves.
  • Coffee Alone.
  • Handmade Glory.
  • Acid Days.
  • Autumn Soul.
  • Drama Time.
  • The Lord of Fantasy.


Whether you’re chilling out to EDM songs or focusing on the best ways to hear them, tech music is engrained in the soul of millions of listeners. Whether it’s Base House, Ambient, or Breakbeat, there’s a sound out there for everyone.

Depending on your mood there are dozens of ways to go. Thankfully, because of platforms like Spotify, listening and sharing your favorite tracks has never been easier.

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