Stagecoach Festival: Do not miss out!

What is Stagecoach Music Festival?

What exactly is the Stagecoach Music Festival? Whether you're looking for more festivals after Coachella or simply enjoy country music, Stagecoach Festival is the place to be! Goldenvoice hosts an annual outdoor festival known as the Coachella sister festival. The entire weekend of sun, arts, and country music will immerse you in the summer atmosphere.

Stagecoach's popularity grows year after year. This festival drew 75,000 attendees in 2018, with 90,000 expected in 2021. The 3-day Stagecoach Festival pass starts at $377, and Saturday and Sunday passes are $469.

The Stagecoach lineup for its 14th installment is more musically and culturally diverse. The lineup, which includes more than 50 artists performing on three major stages every day, includes a number of Black and Latino acts, as well as several LGBTQ performers.

Stagecoach, the world's largest country music festival, is unquestionably a California music festival not to be missed.

Who owns Stagecoach?

Who is the owner of Stagecoach and what makes it special? Goldenvoice owns the fantastic and well-known yearly music festival known as Stagecoach. Goldenvoice. Goldenvoice, on the other hand, is the AEG ( Anschutz Entertainment Group).

Assume you are unaware of the AEG. In that case, this brand is regarded as the second largest live music and entertainment event presenter. The AEG produces the majority of sporting and music entertainment events in the United States.

People are perplexed as to whether Coachella owns the Stagecoach. Goldemvoice presents Stagecoach, a musical event. Despite the fact that this is not owned by Coachella, the two events are related. The venue is the only thing that connects these events. Both events take place on the same location.

Furthermore, both festivals are extremely popular with the general public. Both events emphasize fashion, food, camping, art, booze, and music. It is undeniable that the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and the Stagecoach Country Music Festival are the most important shows with various similarities. However, the myth that Coachella owns Stagecoach is incorrect.

Stagecoach is one of the most well-known events. It can accommodate a large crowd. And asking different problems out of curiosity is common among the group. So, what's the deal with the Stagecoach? The name is undeniably unique, which is why people wonder why it was chosen in this manner.

Historically, Stagecoach is named after the number of stages it consists of. Coaches who ride horses while traveling can take breaks and change horses in different locations this way. This one is called Stagecoach because it travels in segments and changes coaches.

In the music festival known as stagecoach country music festival, there are various steps and coaches in various segments. That is why the name of America's largest music festival was chosen.

If you're curious about the layouts or stages of the Stagecoach festival, there are three different locations. As this shows audiences of a wide range of ages, there are some staging differences. You might see children, grandparents, and children enjoying the shows. Every year, VIP personas become enthralled by the festival and flock to the grounds to soak up the musical vibe.

There used to be another stage called the Yuma tent. This is now referred to as the Honkytonk dance hall. Goldenvoice usually announces the sale right before the event. In addition, the authority informs sales on various occasions. Though there is always a large crowd for stagecoach tickets, they do not sell out quickly. The show has a lot of availability, which is ideal for stagecoach fans.

You're probably wondering when the best time is to be present at the event site. As an audience member, you won't want to miss any of the action. The ticket includes the entire event schedule. However, every year, the day parking opens at 9 a.m., followed by Tarrance at 10 a.m. The main event begins at 12 p.m. on the main venue grounds.

It is advised to arrive as soon as the venue opens. From 4 to 6 p.m., the entire area becomes more crowded. So, if you arrive before 12 p.m., you will be able to enter without difficulty. Furthermore, being late will cause you to miss out on many exciting aspects of the event.

You would need a set time to stay on schedule or to arrive on time. Some come solely for the music festival, while others come for the food options. As a result, the Stagecoach 2021 authority will publish the scheduled time on their website.

You'll also see the set time on the app. This will help you navigate the venue and have a better time at the event. If you're visiting the location alone or for the first time, it's a good idea to look at the set time or rules for comfort.

Is it possible for me to purchase a Stagecoach festival t-shirt?

Yes, of course, you can get a stagecoach-themed t-shirt. There are a lot of stagecoach prints on the market. If you want one for the concert, keep an eye on the official page. You'll get the link there before the event. You only need to pay and get your stagecoach t-shirt. You can get the concert t-shirts with just a few clicks and taps.

Can I bring my own chairs or mats to the Stagecoach stop?

Stagecoach is a full-day event, people like to bring chairs or mats for comfort. You are welcome to bring chairs or maps. There are no restrictions imposed by the authorities. However, there are some limitations.

You are not permitted to bring any type of chair here. You are welcome to bring folding chairs or maps. They are small enough to fit in your bag. However, sleeping bags, beach chairs, and foam chairs are not available. You can obviously bring folding chairs if you want to relax in the venue or on the ground.

Is it permissible to bring an umbrella into the Stagecoach venue?

Umbrellas are not permitted in the stagecoach venue. The only reason for this is that umbrellas can obstruct the view at the concert. You will also be irritated if someone obstructs your view. Furthermore, the event does not take place during the rainy season. As a result, there is little chance of rain, and no one will need an umbrella.

What is new about Stagecoach?

Following DJ Diplo's energetic Sunday evening after-party on the Palomino Stage in 2019, promoters have extended the after-hours festivities, with Late Night in Palomino taking over following the headlining sets on the Mane Stage each evening. Breland will open the festival on Friday night, followed by Orville Peck on Saturday, and Diplo will close it out on Sunday night.

Though Coachella fans have been able to watch the festival's happenings and performances on YouTube for nearly a decade, Stagecoach has finally partnered with YouTube to offer a livestreaming experience and exclusive content from throughout the three-day event via the festival's official YouTube channel.

The Compton Cowboys, a group of ten African-American horseback riders from Richland Farms, a small ranch in Compton, will make their Stagecoach debut. They'll be on hand to show off their horses, do riding demonstrations, and share their stories.

Guy Fieri, the television host and restaurateur, will curate the Stagecoach Smokehouse once more, bringing in top barbecue pit bosses from across the country to serve up a variety of flavors and styles of barbecue. Throughout the day, he'll also lead live demos and serve tastings.

Nikki Lane, who also owns the vintage clothing store High Class Hillbilly in Nashville, is returning to curate Nikki Lane's Stage Stop Marketplace, which will feature a variety of vendors, a shaded cocktail bar, and the Stage Stop Horseshoe Stage, which will feature several singer-songwriters.

The SiriusXM Spotlight Stage, which will be located in front of the Mane Stage and behind reserved seating, will return to showcase emerging artists such as Ryan Griffin, Walker Country, Caylee Hammack, Laci Kaye Booth, Hailey Whitters, and Callista Clark.

Fans can also escape the heat by entering the air-conditioned Honky Tonk Dance Hall, where dancers of all levels of experience can learn how to line dance and two-step to live music from a variety of DJs.

Where is the stagecoach festival?

Where is the Stagecoach Festival held? The Stagecoach Country Music Festival returns to Indio's Empire Polo Club April 29-May 1 with headliners Thomas Rhett, Carrie Underwood, and Luke Combs, so dust off your boots and put on your cowboy hat.

General Information:

People of all ages are welcome. Children under the age of ten are admitted free of charge. (Only General Admission.) Whether it rains or shines. All customers are subject to a search. The lineup is subject to change at any time. Re-entry is not permitted without a Resort or ADA Wristband. Credit cards and cash are accepted by all food and beverage vendors.

Code of Conduct

The Stagecoach Country Music Festival is dedicated to providing a safe, comfortable, and family-friendly environment.

The following actions will get you booted out:

Irresponsible alcohol consumption. Nudity in public or obscene clothing Unauthorized access to seated/restricted areas. Abusive or disruptive language, as well as obscene or offensive gestures, imagery, or symbolism. Illegal drug possession, use, or sale Public urination (anywhere other than a proper restroom). Fighting or engaging in any action that may cause harm, endangerment, threat, or discomfort to another person. Having sexual encounters in public. Property damage, destruction, vandalism, or theft Falsifying a disability claim or abusing ADA services.

Stagecoach fosters a welcoming environment and rejects divisive symbols. The use of the Confederate flag and related imagery is prohibited on festival grounds and at The Resort – this includes people, clothing, and vehicles. Anyone who does not comply with this rule will be denied access.

Individuals who engage in this behavior may be immediately removed from the venue site and have their Festival Wristband revoked. The vehicle will be ejected from the premises. The offender could be arrested. If you are ejected, there will be no refund.

Safety and Health

Stagecoach 2022, on the other hand, is about to rock the world. As a stagecoach enthusiast, you may decide to take part as well. People who have participated in the past and witnessed the event live are aware of how extreme the entire program becomes. And keeping the crowd together in the midst of a pandemic is both necessary and difficult.

But, before you do anything else, keep in mind that a pandemic is in progress. Clearly, the authority is very concerned about the fact. They'll take adequate precautions to avoid social gatherings. However, it is understandable to be concerned about how a concert can maintain social distance.

In this case, the audience should follow the rules and avoid any extreme gatherings. You should be concerned about yourself as well. You won't be able to enter without a mask.

The stagecoach authority will ensure that hand sanitizing is done on a regular basis. You simply need to follow the social distancing rules in tandem with the management. There will be no vaccination, testing, or masking requirements at Stagecoach 2022, in accordance with current local guidelines.

However, the event must be presented in accordance with applicable public health conditions as of the event date, which may change at any time as determined by federal, state, or local government agencies or instrumentalities, artists, or the promoter; such requirements may include, without limitation, changes to capacity, attendance procedures, and entry requirements, such as proof of vaccination and/or a negative COVID-19 test, and other protective measures.

If a ticket holder fails to comply with any laws, mandates, health orders or directives, promoter or event terms, conditions, or rules, the promoter or event operator may refuse admission to the event or require the ticket holder to leave the venue without refund.

People with mobility disabilities can easily navigate the venue. The event takes place on grassy terrain, with accessible pathways connecting the various areas of the venue. We encourage all guests with mobility issues to use personal transportation, such as wheelchairs and scooters.

If your motorized wheelchair needs to be recharged, you can do so at the Accessibility Services Hub. Patrons should bring all necessary cords and accessories to charge their devices. Chargers must be powered by a 110-volt, 20-amp circuit.

Where is the stagecoach music festival held?

Where does the Stagecoach Music Festival take place? Every year in April, stagecoach takes place. The iconic music festival is organized at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. Every year, fans from all over the world flock to see the biggest names in country music and related genres. Not only do the music, foods, excitements, and various segments draw a large crowd here.

Stagecoach Country Music Festival

When: April 29-May 1, 2019 Where: Empire Polo Club is located at 81-800 Avenue 51 in Indio. Tickets: General admission passes range from $379 to $459 and are available at

  • All attendees are entitled to free day parking.
  • Preferred parking can be reserved ahead of time.
  • Parking garages open at 9 a.m.
  • When entering parking lots, all vehicle occupants must wear a Festival Wristband.
  • There will be no tailgating.RVs are not permitted in the Day Parking, Preferential Parking, or ADA Parking lots.
  • We strongly encourage carpooling to help save the environment!
  • There is no overnight parking in the Day Parking, Preferred Parking, or ADA Parking lots.
  • Overnight parking is permitted in the Companion Camping Parking (Pass Required).
  • Visit their website to purchase Preferred Parking or Companion Camping Parking.
  • Motorcycles are permitted to park in the ADA Lot. Do not park in such a way that a single motorcycle takes up the entire space.

Parking for the Disabled

  • The ADA placard must be clearly visible.
  • The person who receives the placard or plate must be present in the vehicle, either as a driver or a passenger.
  • Law enforcement will be present to ensure that the identification and placard are properly matched. To enter the ADA parking lot, you must have a valid ADA placard, permit, or license plate.
  • All passengers in the vehicle must wear Festival Wristbands.

To get there, take a shuttle!

  • Shuttle service between Stagecoach and various local hotels and park-and-ride lots.
  • Every day from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., shuttles leave for the festival.
  • Every night, the return shuttle service ends 60 minutes after the music stops.

Important Reminders:

  • Hold each other to account.
  • Always seek permission.
  • Know the location of your nearest Safe Space, Medical Tent, and Info Kiosk.
  • Be considerate of other people's cultures.
  • Inform an Info Kiosk about any misconduct.
  • Make a conscious effort to be more mindful of yourself and your peers.
  • Take care of your peers while having fun responsibly.
  • Keep in mind that everyone deserves to be safe.

What to wear to the Stagecoach festival?

What should you wear to the Stagecoach Festival? Don't be alarmed if your festival outfit styling skills are a little rusty, or if this is your first time attending such festivities. Dressing up is part of the fun, and you don't have to be up on haute couture trends to fit in.

Sure, knowing the season's hottest styles can be beneficial, but your personal taste should take precedence. At the end of the day, the best festival outfits are the ones that make you feel your best, happiest self and do not impede you from having the time of your life in any way, shape, or form.

Having said that, it's also important to plan your outfit around the festival's location and the weather forecast. The goal here is to dress appropriately for comfort and practicality. For hot weather, stick to breathable materials like cotton, linen, and crochet or mesh styles, and for cool weather, Scudder suggests packing light layers, such as a fringe jacket.

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