Welcome to Psychedelic Season on TT!

It's time to open your mind, Psychedelic season has arrived on Turntable! From January 2022 to March 2022, stream music on Turntable to unlock exclusive new psychedelic avatars designed by Day Off Ltd. Psychedelic season is all about embracing the new you for 2022. We want to hear your funkiest most free-spirited tunes. Listen to music with your new psychedelic avatar and ring in the new year with good vibes. You earn 10 VIP creds for every song played to at least two listeners. Bring your friends and let's get the party started this psychedelic season.

Tier 1 - 5 VIP Creds

Tier 2 - 1,800 VIP Creds

Tier 3 - 18,000 VIP Creds

Tier 4 - 100,000 VIP Creds