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Connect your DJ controller directly to Turntable to play a live DJ set

If you have an external deck that works as computer input (like a microphone) you don’t need to use OBS, you can select it as the default input and it will stream directly using the connection in the website.

First step is to download OBS from

With OBS downloaded you will need the Agora plugin:

To open it you will need to right-click

In if you are the room owner you can get the OBS configuration file:

You will need to open OBS and choose Agora RTC Tool in the Tools menu:

When you are already in the agora tool, you need to open the settings:

In the settings you can use the file that you downloaded to load the configurations:

When you finish configuring all the options you want to stream, you need to open again the agora RTC tool and click in the start streaming:

In order to hear the sound Audio Chat needs to be enabled: