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Connect your DJ controller directly to Turntable to play a live DJ set

If you have an external deck that works as computer input (like a microphone) you don’t need to use OBS, you can select it as the default input and it will stream directly using the connection in the website.

First, you'll need to download download OBS version 27.2.4 from

IMPORTANT: version 28 of OBS will not work! The Agora plugin is only compatible with version 27.

With OBS downloaded you will need the Agora plugin:

Then, open the plugin and install it:

Once the plugin is installed, open OBS (or restart it if it's already open).

On your dancefloor on, if you are the owner you can download the OBS configuration file from the dancefloor settings:

With OBS open, go to the Tools menu and select the Agora RTC Tool:

In the Agora plugin window that opens, click on Settings:

In Settings, you can use the file that you downloaded to load the configuration for your dancefloor:

Once everything is configured the way you want it, go back to the Agora RTC Tool window and click Start Streaming to Agora:

In order for the whole dancefloor to hear the sound, make sure that everyone has Audio Chat enabled on the Settings page: