Parent Company Designs New Logo for Turntable

A Much Needed Glow Up

We’re excited to introduce our new logo designed by Parent Company. We're working hard to build a modern, sleek, and innovative platform that's ready for 2021, and we needed a logo to match.

Our evergreen asset features black vinyl with a smooth purple accent. This clean cut design is accompanied by colorful chrome variations of our signature t-vinyl iconography.

Creative Director, Amanda Levensohn, knew that multi-dimensional design firm Parent Company could bring her vision to life and create an original logo that would resonate across generations and demographics.

Parent Company has made a name for themselves in the design and music world, having created innovative designs, album art, and merchandise for Rina Sawayama, Dorian Electra, Alice Longyu Gao and Balenciaga to name a few.

"I knew Parent Company could match and elevate our aesthetic. Their three dimensional and colorful design work sets us apart from the lack luster tech company branding we are so used to seeing. Designers Emma Segal-Grossman, Max Schramp, and Umru Rothenberg come from architectural, music and design backgrounds. Turntable’s branding is meant to mirror and grow with the artistry and innovation happening in the underground music world today"

- Amanda Levensohn