It’s Underground Season on

As summer festivals come to a close and the cool fall weather creeps in, music festivals move underground to warehouses, basements, unmarked clubs, and secret bars. Welcome to Underground Season on (October-December 2021). We’re introducing VIP Cred and exclusive seasonal avatars. You earn 10 VIP credits for every song played to at least 2 people. If you DJ 5 songs every day you can get 5 extra VIP creds per day to reward your consecutive streak. As you accumulate VIP cred, you can use it to purchase exclusive Underground season avatars that will only be available for $90 days. If you don’t have enough cred you can use a credit card.

Club Kids (5 VIP CREDS)

Cat's Cradle (90 VIP CREDS)

The Human (260 VIP CREDS)

WildThing (1,000 VIP CREDS)