III Points Music Festival

This year, III Points is a celebration of resiliency and strength not only for the local community but also for the city of Miami and music in general. The COVID-19 crisis, as with most other events, compelled III Points to cancel its 2020 festival, resulting in two reschedules before settling on the current dates of Friday and Saturday, October 22 and 23.

Quarantine is not the initial III Points obstacle. It's been through hurricanes and the infamous Zika outbreak, and the crew knows how to pivot, but it's all been worth it to see this city's talent on display.

When III Points debuted in 2013, Sinopoli and his crew aimed to establish Miami's counterculture. Wynwood was a little sketchy after dark, but they saw the potential in the area's burgeoning activity, so they set up shop in Mana warehouses, which were previously reserved for film and sound studios. They filled the lineup with DJs, bands, and performers from South Florida, followed by international headliners.

Wynwood has become a second Miami Beach after eight years and seven festivals, and Live Nation has invested in the III Points brand. Nonetheless, the festival maintains its DIY aesthetic and independent spirit.

III Points puts a dark and sensual spin on the typical music festival vibe, making it as unique as the city it supports. From 5:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., the all-night party will feature a variety of hip musical acts from various genres. Glowing art installations, a spooky atmosphere, and entertaining activities, such as the renowned on-site roller skating rink, keep attendees entertained at every turn.

It was intended to serve as a platform for well-known and emerging musical acts while uniting the South Florida community.

The festival spans three days and takes place in one of Miami's contemporary urban development areas. The gates open in the evening, and the party continues throughout the night until early morning. Artists such as Deaf Poets, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Jay Electronica, Nick Leon, King Krule, and Run The Jewels have previously performed at III Points.

In addition to world-class music, the festival provides attendees with an array of multisensory experiences, including incredible art installations, lectures, showcases, demonstrations, panels, and parties.

Over a hundred performers perform on six distinct stages to provide festival-goers with an unforgettable experience. When camping in Southern Florida near this music event, you can combine beach time with your trip.

If the lineup is dominated by dance acts, it is because the event's organizers have deep roots in that scene. Sinopoli is also well-known in the community as one of the co-owners of downtown's Club Space, but with additional performances by psych-rock trio Khruangbin, crunk rap icons Three 6 Mafia, irreverent improv "loop daddy" Marc Rebillet and others, there is truly something for everyone.

Curation is essential to all aspects of the festival. Sets, as well as stages and general decor, are designed with a particular flow in mind. As soon as you enter the III Points entrance pyramid, you are immersed in a bizarre wonderland.

Each year, III Points collaborates with a number of visual artists and designers from Miami to create cool hangout spaces, Instagrammable opportunities, and interactive "activations." You could board a hippie bus and watch Washed Out from its graffiti-covered roof. Perhaps you'll catch a DJ set in a Gravitron or spot your friends amidst a sea of eyeballs hanging from the ceiling.

This year, III Points is expected to be bigger than ever before. Its physical space has grown, giving you even more opportunity to stumble upon small alley parties and secret rave caves. Wherever you spend the enticing hours, you're guaranteed to get the full Miami experience, and the person dancing next to you could be a member of your favorite band.

Even after a two-year hiatus necessitated by rescheduling, our cherished, homegrown indie music festival continues to surpass itself. Now in its seventh iteration, the Miami-born music, art, and technology festival will offer a plethora of trippy, immersive installations and tropical-goth fashion alongside a cutting-edge lineup of indie, electronic, and hip-hop superstars.

Where is III Points Music Festival?

III Points returns annually to the hipster enclave of Wynwood in Miami, Florida, to provide festivalgoers with an eclectic mix of contemporary music. The festival promises to be a voyage of musical and artistic discovery that attendees will adore.

The blend of artistic expression across multiple genres demonstrates why each year's lineup features the best of popular culture.

In 2017, Southern Florida nearly encountered the unthinkable. On October 6, Hurricane Matthew was expected to make landfall, and Miami residents anxiously awaited the category three storm. Concurrently, III Points Music Festival organizers scrambled to prepare the Mana Wynwood grounds for the possibility of devastation, and festivalgoers began to express concern. Although Hurricane Matthew had a greater impact on the Central Coast than on Miami, the III Points Music Festival encountered difficulties in executing its unique event.

In 2019, the boutique festival, which many believed had ceased to exist, has reemerged with a vengeance.

III Points brings both mainstream and niche artists to its stages, fulfilling its mission to unite the Southern Florida community and curate events that bring people together in a meaningful way. The festival, which attracts a large number of locals, features a variety of musical talent, visual art, and cutting-edge technology.

The festival has been designed to be interactive in all aspects. From the production team overseeing the weekend's events to the creators and artists, III Points is comprised of an exciting blend.

Even though the culture at III Points has shifted to feature predominantly hip-hop headliners, the venue is still extremely welcoming to its fans. Ticket holders can experience not only hours of music, but also art, technology, and a variety of foods.



Driving an RV to Miami will necessitate the use of one or more of the city's highways. To avoid heavy traffic, it is advisable to utilize the paid express lanes.

It is not recommended to drive directly to the venue because festival days are likely to have heavy traffic and finding parking can be difficult. Instead, set up camp and take public transportation to the Mana Wynwood Convention Center through the traffic.

Parking lots

Parking is limited near the venue, and you must purchase a parking pass to utilize it. These items sell out quickly, so purchase them as soon as possible. One of these passes grants parking privileges for all three festival days. There are also a few paid parking garages within walking distance of the venue, but keep in mind that garages have height restrictions.

Transports publics

Taking public transportation to the festival venue is the best way to avoid the hassle of finding parking. Wynwood is accessible by train, bus, subway, and light rail. You could also use a ridesharing app or taxi service to be dropped off at one of the designated locations.

Where to Stay


Camping is not permitted at the festival site, but there are several well-equipped campgrounds and RV parks in Southern Florida nearby.

Camping in Miami will allow you to experience the incredible beaches and natural beauty of Florida up close and personal. Due to Florida's extensive camping culture, you are certain to find a well-equipped RV park near the coast. Many of these include all the necessary amenities, such as hookups, cooking areas, and laundry services.

You must traverse the festival grounds on foot. On the grounds, bicycles, skateboards, scooters, carts, wagons, and personal motorized vehicles are prohibited. The venue is wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant. There is no separate entrance for disabled guests, but all entrances are ADA compliant.

What to bring


When selecting clothing for III Points, choose your most distinctive, eclectic pieces. Anything that is not offensive is permitted at the festival. Many individuals will be dressed in rave attire or in costume. Put on some neon shorts and holographic shoes, and you'll be right at home in this vibrant environment.


All of your festival essentials can be carried in a small to medium-sized bag or backpack. Sunscreen lotion and personal items must be sealed prior to entry. If needed, portable chargers can be purchased on-site. Ensure you have a non-professional camera of sufficient quality to capture the event.

Security & Safety

Outside, protect yourself from the intense Miami sun by applying ample amounts of sunscreen. You cannot bring your own water through the gates, but you can purchase it there. Ensure that you stay hydrated and pace yourself so that you can enjoy the entire three-day festival.

Any and all drugs, drug paraphernalia, and illicit substances are strictly prohibited. At this event, large crowds are anticipated, so attendees are encouraged to be mindful and assist one another as needed.

Where to Dine


RV parks permit cooking in your vehicle but may impose restrictions on cooking outdoors. During a fire ban, you may be able to cook on the stove in your RV or on a portable grill, but open fires may not be permitted. No cooking is allowed on the festival grounds.


The food scene in Miami reflects the city's reputation for incredible diversity. Several of the nation's top chefs have opened restaurants in the city as a result of the recent culinary revolution. There are a wide variety of cuisines and exotic flavors to sample.


At III Points, on-site vendors provide an extensive selection of beverages and foods. You can select from a variety of regional favorites as well as treats created specifically for the festival. Additionally, there will be several beer gardens selling cocktails, wine, and beer.


Upon entering the grounds, all bags will be screened, and you may be subjected to a full-body pat-down à la TSA. You may request to be checked by a person of the same gender if you so choose. Check the website for the list of prohibited items to ensure a seamless check-in.


III Points takes place during a season with a warm and dry climate. It is unlikely to rain or become excessively hot and muggy. It is an ideal time for sightseeing and visiting local attractions. As the majority of the event takes place indoors, the festival will continue unless otherwise specified.


There will be EMTs present at the venue to assist anyone who requires medical care. Certain medications in their original prescription bottles will be permitted onto the festival grounds. Those with dietary or medical restrictions may wish to contact the festival's organizers in advance to determine how best to accommodate their needs.

Date and Time

Friday and Saturday, October 21 and 22, 2022


The festival will occur regardless of the weather. Please stay current on weather forecasts and adjust your attire and preparations accordingly.

Zero Tolerance

We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding drug possession and use. There will be police officers inside and outside the event, and all drug laws will be strictly enforced. Be accountable and make intelligent decisions.

Security and Entry

By purchasing a ticket, you consent to a thorough TSA-style search, which may include emptying your pockets and bags, having all of your belongings inspected, a full pat-down, and the removal of your shoes. We reserve the right to deny admission to anyone.

Ages and ID

You must be 21 or older to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages. A valid photo ID is necessary.

Acceptable Identification

Any US government-issued driver's license or identification card with a photograph and birth date

Passport issued by the United States or a foreign government that contains a photograph and birth date

Foreign government-issued driver's license or identification card with a passport photocopy in color (Not valid for 21+ wristbands. To purchase alcohol or enter VIP areas, a physical passport or United States identification card will be required.

Temporary DMV documents proving license renewal—ONLY if accompanied by a valid passport or expired license

Unacceptable I.D.

NO School ID Card

NO Consular ID Card

NO Birth certificate

NO Expired Identification of ANY KIND

NO ID Photocopies Allowed (except as noted)

NO Temporary DMV license without a valid passport or a valid but expired license

Festival Policies

NO daily re-entry/ins and outs

NO Camping

NO Exchanges or Refunds

SITTING IS PROHIBITED on designated dancefloor areas

Moshing, crowd-surfing, or stage-diving ARE PROHIBITED

NO Unlicensed/Unauthorized Vendors

NON-AUTHORIZED Solicitations, handbills, samples, etc. are not permitted.

Acceptable Items

YES Cell phones and portable batteries/chargers

YES Tobacco products and lighters (cigarettes must be sealed upon entry)

YES Deodorant (must be sealed at entry)

YES E-cigarettes/vaporizers (refillable liquid chambers permitted, must be empty upon entry; no E-liquid or E-juice of any kind allowed)

YES Earplugs

YES Fanny packs

YES, Flags/banners and handcrafted signs only (no corporate/company logos or rigid flagpoles).

YES Glowsticks and illuminated or glowing costumes or jewellery

YES Gum (must be sealed upon entry)

YES Hula hoops, such as LED hoops

YES Hydration packs with a maximum of two large compartments and one smaller compartment must be empty upon entry.

YES Juuls (one sealed Juul Pod OK at entry)

YES LED whips, pois, and orbitals

YES Lip balm & gloss (must be sealed upon entry)

YES Non-professional flash/still cameras and handheld video recorders less than 6 inches (Sony Action Cam, GoPro, Polaroids, etc.)

YES Personal misting fan with a 1.5-litre or smaller bottle (must be empty upon arrival)

YES Medications prescribed by a physician that has not expired (must present prescription and consult with safety officer upon entry).

YES Powder makeup (liquid makeup is prohibited)

YES Collapsed rain ponchos and umbrellas measuring less than 10 inches

YES Reusable bottled water (must be empty upon entry)

YES Selfie sticks

YES Small bags, single-compartment backpacks, plush backpacks, and purses (maximum 12 inches by 12 inches) are permitted.

YES Sunglasses and headwear

YES Sunscreen cream (inspected upon entry)

YES Tampons and pads (must be sealed at entry)

YES Wet wipes (must be sealed at entry)

Prohibited Items

NO Aerosol products/cans

NO Balls or Frisbees Allowed

NO Bota bags

NO Drones, RC aeroplanes, or other toys

NO Drugs or Drug-Related Equipment

NO E-liquid or E-juice of any kind is permitted (a selection of premium liquids from a variety of name-brand vendors will be available inside the venue)

NO Eye drops

NO Festival symbols or adorned pool noodles

NO Gas masks

NO Glass, Cans, or Coolers Allowed

NO Helium balloons

NO Illegal substances

NO Large chains or protruding jewellery

NO Large Purses, Bags, or Backpacks (12" x 12") Allowed.

NO Laser pointing devices or air horns

NO LED gloves or LED microlights are permitted for use in light shows

NO Liquid makeup

NO Pens, Markers, or Spray Paint

NO Massagers

NO Open cigarette packages (upon entry)

NO Outside Food or beverages (including alcohol and candy)

NO Nonprescription medications (available inside festival at first aid station)

NO Pacifiers

NO Pets

NO Professional photo, video, or audio recording equipment (no detachable lenses, tripods, big zooms or commercial-use rigs)

NO Stickers or Leaflets

NO Stuffed animals or dolls allowed

Tents, large umbrellas, chairs, and blankets are NOT permitted.

NO Toy guns, water guns, slingshots

NO Tampons or Pads Without a Seal (upon entry)

NO Weapons or Weapon Accessory Permitted (includes pocket knives, pepper spray, fireworks, etc.)

NO Wind chairs or couches


All taxis and other guest drop-offs and pickups must be made at the designated Guest Drop-off and Pickup location (look for signs), which will remain accessible throughout the duration of the event.

From the immersive and interactive art installations to the eclectic sounds and stage designs, get a taste of the III Points experience. Listen to great songs with Turntablelive and surround yourself with people who share the same love for music now!