How to Decorate a Music Room

Every musician and music lover dreams of having a room dedicated to music in their home. Decorating a music room can be challenging and expensive, but we know that setting the right vibe is essential, even on a budget!

Top 5 ideas for decorating a music room

If you don’t have a spare music room to decorate, you can make a virtual one on Turntable LIVE (

Go to or download the app to create your custom music room. You can choose from 4 different stages, whichever encapsulates your vibe best!

  • Some call it Yacht Rock, some say HOLY SHIP! You know the party is rocking if you’re DJing on the high seas.

  • Are you in the mood for a honky tonk hoedown? Or perhaps some chill acoustic tracks will set the tone in your backyard barn.

  • The lights are dim in this vibey speakeasy lounge. But, whether it’s a basement in NYC or Chicago, we know the music is about to pop off.

  • Are you ready for stardom? The stadium is roaring and ready for you to bring down the house.

Whether you have a perfectly decorated music room IRL or on, there’s always a space for you to chill with your friends and listen to music LIVE.