How To Add Music to a GIF

There’s no better feeling than sending a GIF makes you feel better. A good GIF will make you laugh, maybe even cry! GIPHY provides the best GIFs. Why can’t you send all GIFs with music?

Unfortunately, GIPHY does not allow audio on all GIFs. Luckily, Turntable ( has a solution! is a virtual music lounge (app and website) where anyone can DJ LIVE with friends and fellow music lovers. features public and private rooms where you can DJ in avatar form and hang out while chatting with other DJs in the room. The chat room on the left side of the screen has GIFS enabled, so you can send GIFS that perfectly capture the mood.

Here are our top 10 music GIFS from GIPHY that we love to use on

What are your favorite music GIFS? Set the mood on by getting on stage and playing your favorite music alongside GIFS from GIPHY now on!