How do you start DJing Online?

Using the app or website, you now have the freedom to DJ online and play music from Soundcloud, Apple Music, Spotify, or Youtube whenever and wherever you want!

How it works

  • To DJ on, open the app or go to in your web browser (chrome and firefox preferred).

  • Click on settings (top right corner) and scroll to the bottom to sign in to Spotify Premium or Apple Music if you pay for a digital streaming platform. If not, you can choose Soundcloud or Youtube for free.

  • Create your dance floor or join a dance floor on the front page.

  • Once you’ve chosen your music provider, start browsing for music on the left side of the screen and add songs to your queue.

  • You can import playlists you’ve already created from Spotify or Apple Music into your queue.

  • Click the PLAY MUSIC BUTTON above the stage to hop on the decks and start DJing with your friends!

Boost streams for your favorite artists is the easiest and most fun way to share and discover new music online. Since most users sign in with Spotify or Apple Music, every time you stream a song on, it counts as one stream. So if you play a song once for ten people, that counts as ten streams for the artist! So streaming music on is a great way to boost streams for your favorite artists. is tossing over the keys, giving you the ultimate aux control.

How will you set the tone for your Hangout?

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