How to Build an Online Music Following

Growing your followers can be daunting for artists. Most social platforms require video or photo content to engage with your fans properly and grow your following, but not Turntable LIVE ( With artists' needs and limited time in mind, has developed an effortless and effective way to grow your fan base online.

How to grow your followers using

  • Go to and make an account. Then, you can email to get verified as an artist on Turntable.

  • Create your dance floor that uses your artist name or a name that your fan community is familiar with. Email if you want your dance floor featured on the front page.

  • Create a playlist or upload your music to

  • Hop on stage :)

  • Make a schedule and share it with your community by making a simple graphic that you can post anywhere. Let your fans know when you will be LIVE on Turntable, and try to be consistent!

    • If your fans see that you are always online at times, you promise they will keep coming back for the chance to interact with you and hear what music you’re playing.

    • The more you go LIVE on, the more your fans will show up, and the more new fans you will meet through Turntable.

    • All you have to do is load up a playlist, press play, and respond in the chat.

  • Host themed or specific events on Turntable.

    • Example schedule:

      • Tuesdays 3-4 pm: LIVE AMA
      • Thursdays 5-6 pm: fans can get on stage and play samples of their music, and you give feedback.

      • Saturdays 8-9 pm: Listen through a playlist you updated or tracks you're into right now.

  • Post on your Instagram and Discord every time you go LIVE on Turntable. Remind your fans to follow you on Turntable by clicking on your avatar and following.

  • Host shows in collaboration with the Turntable creative team to have your show advertised on the Turntable official social accounts.

Turntable provides a multitude of ways to engage and grow your followers. It’s the most accessible platform to use because it doesn’t require creating new content. You can have meaningful interactions with your followers by listening to music you love on Youtube. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Start DJing with your followers now on!