Music Streaming Simplified: A Breakdown of Twitch, Mixcloud, and Turntable LIVE

Whether or not we're ready to admit it, the music landscape has drastically changed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Globally, we transitioned from a culture obsessed with massive music festivals and giant crowds, to consuming live music virtually and oftentimes alone. At this point, many of us would agree that it's not as bad or depressing as it sounds. After 2 years of on-again-off-again lockdowns, most artists have done at least one show online, and many have fully transitioned to doing all of their shows virtually.

Websites like Mixcloud and Twitch were ready and waiting for our Coronavirus doomsday scenario. Both sites paved the way for artists to perform online, build their communities, and make money. However, both platforms present major obstacles that don't make them optimal for DJs and artists to use. We're going to break down the artist experience on both platforms to provide insight into why we think Turntable LIVE is the future and best platform for virtual music performance.

Let's start with Twitch. Twitch has been around for over 10 years and developed a mighty reputation… in the gaming industry. This is obvious red flag number 1, Twitch is not even associated with music! Although the platform is working to strengthen the music vertical, Twitch will always be a gaming focussed platform. Artists should be the number one priority on their platform of choice. Turntable LIVE is an artist focussed platform that is 100% laser-focused on music. Nothing else matters! On Turntable LIVE, artists can build their community, make money, and receive 1:1 attention and promotion from the company. Turntable LIVE is artists first, always.

Another massive problem that Twitch raises for artists is the barrier to entry. Simply put, Twitch is not easy to use. If you want to succeed on Twitch as an artist or DJ, you will need: a PC or high functioning laptop, mic, camera, operating software, and a cool background location to go live from! Non-live video doesn't perform well on Twitch because it's a LIVE-centric platform, so you have to be ready to show your living area, and look camera-ready every time you perform. Getting prepared to stream on Twitch is expensive and it's a huge hassle to get your space and face looking good every time you want to DJ. Shouldn't you be able to DJ easily for your community whenever you want? At Turntable LIVE, we think so!

Mixcloud has the same problem, both sites require you to show yourself and your space on video when you DJ or perform. Unlike Twitch, Mixcloud actually has rights to play music, so you won't get banned or have your videos taken down if you play the music you don't have the license to, another strike for Twitch! DMCA issues are easily the bane of Twitch's existence.

If you're a DJ or an artist that wants to DJ often and on a whim, Twitch is probably not the platform for you! Mixcloud suffers from the same video requirements, but at least the site is music-focused. One of the perks of Mixcloud is that you can upload tracks that live on your page that your community can listen to whenever they want, similar to Soundcloud. However, on Turntable LIVE, not only can you upload your own tracks, but you can import and store your entire music library and playlists directly from your digital streaming platform of choice!

Turntable LIVE was developed and designed by music lovers who are dedicated to creating the best virtual music listening experience possible. The site and app have a multitude of features that both Twitch and Mixcloud lack. No other platform makes it easier to perform live whenever you want. Turntable LIVE's most obvious feature is you don't have to use a camera or mic. That's right, no showing your face or your messy bedroom! We provide you with the best visuals to make your experience easy, fun, and engaging.

Turntable LIVE has built the perfect virtual music venue. No video or microphone is needed. Sign in through your desired streaming service, upload your playlist, and start spinning! Turntable LIVE is for DJs, producers, artists, curators, and fans of music from all walks of life! Turntable LIVE makes it easy for your fans to support you. Whether you are a DJ, artist, or curator, you can accept tips from your biggest supporters directly through the platform. Access Turntable LIVE via any web browser or download the mobile app through the Google Play or Apple App store.

Let's break down some of the features Turntable LIVE has to offer:

Easy Access

Use Turntable LIVE on your phone with our mobile app or from your desktop!

Live Chat

Chat with whoever is throwing the show, or your friends in the crowd! Live chat is open for all users.

Streaming Platform Integrations

Turntable is directly integrated with Spotify and Apple Music. Want to add a song to your library? Add it to your “Liked Songs” directly through Turntable LIVE with the click of a button. Stream any song, anytime. No licensing or copyright issues will ever affect your ability to play what you want.


Sign in with SoundCloud to play a custom mix or privately listed tracks before they're released!


Want to play audio from a YouTube video? No problem. Sign in with your login and play what you wish.

Direct Uploads

Upload and play your own MP3s direct to Turntable LIVE.

Audio Chat

While we allow you to DJ your set without a microphone, if you wish, you can't enable the audio feature and talk to your audience during your set.

Live Mixing

Connect your DJ controller directly to Turntable LIVE and stream LIVE mixed DJ sets.


Want to support an artist or DJ? Tip any Turntable LIVE user directly through the App.

Custom Avatars

You are unique and we want you to be able to express yourself. Customize your avatar to look like you! Are you an artist? Contact us directly to have a custom avatar built!

Turntable LIVE is the ultimate music focussed platform that has endless possibilities to offer artists and DJs of all kinds. Gone are the days of spending excessive amounts of money on equipment to trick out your stream. In are the days when you can host a fire DJ set from your bed in your pajamas without anyone even knowing! Try it out for yourself and experience the future of music today!