Top 10 Music Posters to decorate your Room

If you’re a real music stan, you know that publicly repping your favorite bands is a must. Wearing your favorite artist's merch feels good, but having their music poster on your wall is a reminder to crank up the tunes as well as a source of inspiration. We have some tips to help you pick the perfect music poster for your room.

How to choose the perfect music poster

When choosing a music poster, you have to consider two different factors: the art vs. the artist. You may come across a music poster you love but have never heard of the band. For example, this dreamy skyscape from Hiatus Kaiyote speaks to our soul even though we haven’t listened to their music yet.


On the other hand, you may love KORN, but having a poster of a booze-guzzling demon in your bedroom might not be the vibe. So do you go with the art or the artist? For the sake of setting a chill tone in your home, we recommend choosing the art that makes you feel good, even if its a band you’ve never heard of! When buying music posters, we recommend shopping at local stores. All of the posters on our Top 10 Music Posters list are from Amoeba Music.


Turntables Top 10 Music Posters

We hope our list has inspired you to invest in some music posters to bring your walls to life! There’s no better way to support artists than buying their merch and going to shows. By hanging music posters on your wall, you’re killing two birds with one stone, supporting the artist monetarily, and through free advertising on some important real estate, your wall!